About us

TruAbrasives product line is manufactured by Strategic Materials. With nearly 50 plants across North America and a more than 100 year history, Strategic Materials is the premier glass recycler on the continent. With a focus on operational excellence and process innovation, Strategic Materials consistently meets customer expectations. Our abrasives were specifically designed to match performance of its competitors, while protecting workers and the environment.

When you work with Strategic Materials, you also benefit from our nationwide network that brings high-quality products closer to you. TruAbrasives are available coast-to-coast, and is the industry leading crushed glass abrasives. 

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Our History

After months of development and operational improvements, TruAbrasives, made from 100% recycled glass, officially launched in April 2017.  Formerly, New Age Blast Media, TruAbrasives are cleaner and higher quality than its predecessor.   

Strategic Materials got its start in glass recycling in 1896 as the Bassichis Company.  Bassichis was eventually purchased by Allwaste Recycling and started to grow and develop new, innovative glass recycling techniques. During this time, a number of regional glass recyclers were also acquired, increasing reach and becoming creating the first nationwide glass recycler. 

In 1994, Strategic Materials, Inc. officially spun off from Allwaste to become its own company.  Over the next twenty years the company acquired Canadian-based glass and plastic recycler, Nexcycle (2002);. Container Recycling Alliance (2004); American Specialty Glass (2008); and New Age Blast Media (2015). 

Quality Products

Our crushed glass abrasives are produced with strict specifications to maximize performance. 

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