TruAbrasives are carefully sourced and processed. Strict, custom-designed specifications allow for a high-quality, high-performing, crushed glass abrasive


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Approved Products

As the largest recycler of glass in North America, Strategic Materials has better access to glass supply than any other glass abrasive or other abrasive manufacturer.

When you work with Strategic Materials, you also benefit from our nationwide network that brings high quality materials closer to you. Our products have been approved by the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board & has received QPL Mil-Spec Approval.

Approved Products

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions


Please use the guide below for PSI recommendations.  Please note, some of these PSI will vary depending on the coating, rust or substrate thickness.  We recommend you start with the lowest recommended PSI and adjust accordingly. 

PSI Recommendation By Application for TruAbrasives 40/70 Grade:

Application PSI
Wood siding, Log Cabins 70-80
Fire Damage 60-70
Marine/Graffiti 70-80
Automotive 50-60
Brick 70-80
Concrete 60-80
Lawn Furniture 20-100 (start low)
Iron Gates 60-80
Strip Removal Blacktop 40-60
Statues 30-60
Coke Cans/Restorations 30-60
Wood Decks 60-70
Chimneys 60-80
Retaining Walls 60-80
Pools, Pool Tile, Pool Decks 40-70
Brick Pavers, Steps 40-80
Roofs 40-80
















PSI Recommendation by Application for TruAbrasives 20/40 Grade:


Application PSI
Construction Equipment 90-100
Steel 80-100
Iron 80-100
Lawn Furniture 80-100
Iron Gates 90-100
Aluminum, Epoxy, Powercoats 30-50
Brass, Copper, Fleet Trucks 30-50




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Case Studies

Our products have been used in a variety of applications. A few examples are shown below. To learn more, simply click on the title.

Manhattan Bridge, New York

Restoration work was done on the bridge’s concrete and masonry to remove carbon deposits and graffiti.  New York City Department of Transportation certified glass abrasives for use in wet blasting concrete on the bridge.  TruAbrasives work well in wet or dry blasting applications.  


Manhattan Bridge, New York TruAbrasives

Brandon Shores Tanks

TruAbrasives were used to blast the outside seams and concrete base supports of tanks.  Our clean glass abrasives replaced coal slag on this project.  

Case Study Title Two

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We are happy to send you a sample of our products.  We have small sample packs, we will ship to you free of charge.  Whether you're considering it for your next project or are a distributor who wants to offer a new product to your customer, we can provide a sample in small or pallet form.